Poker Championship

Poker Championship

Poker has become one of the most popular games in the casino games and with good reason. It is a fast paced game, full of excitement and intrigue, with all that goes with it. It is a game that is dependent upon your wits as well as your knowledge of the game.It is surprising how popular poker has become over the past few years in such a short time.

There have never been more poker tournaments on television, and it is also the celebrities who enjoy playing the game.

Poker Tour-Champion
Gus has won an unbelievable three World Poker Tour events, and has a third-place finish as well. Considering there were only 22 WPT events total, this result is nothing short of phenomenal.

On a cruise in January 2004, Gus won his third WPT event.In the stages of this poker tournament, with the blinds at $1, 000, $2, 000 and a $500-a-man ante, the tournament was down to two tables, playing seven-handed at both tables, a tight French poker player named Eli raised in early position, making it $7, 000 to go.

Gus said, "Everyone folded to the small blind, where I suddenly woke up with two aces. I had about $120, 000; Eli had about 140, 000, and let us not forgets about Mike Augustine, in the big blind with $83, 000. It's not every day that you wake up with two aces, and thus I was trying to extract the most money that I could with this hand.

Gus – The Poker Champion
Gus goes on, "Having played with Augustine the last couple of days, I was aware that with any decent holding, he was capable of coming over the top. So I decided to smooth-call. The flop came down K-7-3, all off suit. Gus continued, "As I started out playing this hand a little bit backward, I decided to continue the trend and bet.

I bet out a small but not insignificant bet of $15, 000 into the $25, 000 pot for poker winner. Almost before the chips left my hand, Augustine raised it up to $45, 000 to go. I actually started to get a little scared when I realized that Eli was considering calling, or raising the $45, 000 bet. I determined that if Eli called the bet, then I was beat, but if he moved all-in, then I was going to have to go with the hand.

I felt like if he had a set he would just call, but with A-K, or K-Q, he would move all-in."But after a minute of contemplating, Eli folded the hand, leaving me heads-up with Mike. I didn't feel like I had any special read on his holding, but as in a lot of tournament situations, it always make me feel comfortable knowing that I have my enemy covered.

Also, I felt like if he had three sevens or three threes, then he probably wouldn't have raised me here on the flop. So I decided to go with it, and reraise him all-in.I was one hundred percent sure I would get called, and see the next two cards. Here's a little thing worth pointing out, in the late stages of a tournament: People, in common, just want to last, and the strength of the all-in bet is magnified.

With $38, 000 left for Mike, he could solicit around and try to move up, but to me perhaps the best move with a holding of, say 7-8 or K-Q would be to make a stand because of the odds. Then he will have either $174, 000 or be out. My point here is that the all-in raise makes my opponents fold a lot of hands in situations where they should be trying to win the tournament instead of moving from fourteenth to thirteenth.

To my surprise, and my liking, he folded his hand. I was happy to have him fold his five-outer, and put the chips safely into my stack."

Poker Winner

Affiliation Gives the World's Top Tournament Poker website the Triple Crown of World Champions. Nov. 1, 2005 - Los Angeles, CA -- Joe Hachem, the 2005 World Series of Poker champion, sign an conformity with PokerStars, the world's largest contest poker website.

Joseph Hachem poker winnings
Joseph Hachem, age 39, was born in Lebanon. He migrated to Australia as a child, and now lives in Melbourne with his wife and four family. Hachem worked as a advance broker and chiropractor before taking poker gravely, first as a hobby and then as a semi-professional poker gambler.

He has gambled actively at Poker Stars since 2001. In the past four years, Hachem has go into hundreds of poker competitions at Poker Stars and has gambled many thousands of hands.While previous champions Money maker and Raymer won their way into the WSOP frankly through PokerStars.

Hachem determined to be present at the 2005 WSOP when a fellow Australian succeeded his place at Poker Stars. Hachem paid a $1, 000 admission into his first occasion at this year's WSOP and walked away $28, 000 richer with a 10th place finish in general. Hachem's wife then encouraged him to enter the world's most glorious poker tournament, the $10, 000 No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

Hachem blitzed throughout an all-time record field of 5, 618 gamblers and succeeded the largest award in poker history. "Joining Team PokerStars Pro is a natural choice for me, " said Hachem at a press meeting held recently in New York City's Times Square district. "PokerStars is the site where I really picked up on the intricacies of tournament poker.

The wide selection of tournaments and poker games is so great that I become a skilled player within a comparatively short time-frame. The truth is -- I never would have even have come to the World Series of Poker if my Aussie friend not capable online at the site. PokerStars is the gateway to making poker dreams come true and becoming a world champion.

Poker Tournaments

In a multi-table competition, gamblers start with a fixed number of chips. Gamblers at numerous tables fight for one another's chips as the blinds and/or antes boost incrementally. As gamblers are eliminated, tables are "broken", meaning players are moved to keep tables full, or even with one another.

A shootout is a special type of multi-table competition. Normally, when you gamble in a multi-table tournament, online gamblers are moved from table to table to balance the number of gamblers at each table. Finally, the fortunate last nine gamblers end up at the "final table". In a shootout, no such table balancing is done.

You stay put at your original table until only one poker gambler is left standing. If you succeed that table, you go forward to another table and repeat the process against gamblers who each won their first table.

In a double shoot, you need to win two tables to win the event, although often there is some money for everybody who makes the second table. . Each starting table is gambled to its finish; the final table is formed of the casino winners of the first round matches.

A satellite is a competition in which the prize is an admission into a larger event. It can be less costly to enter a satellite than it would be to enter the main competition directly. For example, while the main contest may carry a $200 buy-in, one can purchase into a satellite for $20 and win a $200 place in the main contest.

Multi-table satellites are listed as usual tournaments, and the sign-up details and gamble are the same. An example of how a satellite would work: The buy in for the larger competition is $200. The buy in for the satellite is $20. If there are 10 entrants (into the satellite), first place will get an entry to the larger competition.

If there are 20 online poker entrants then 1st and 2nd place will obtain entry to the larger contest. If there is any leftover prize cash, it will be dispersed to the runners up as per the satellite’s payout arrangement, which is obtainable through the tournament lobby.

If there is a cost to enter either a contest or satellite, it will be denoted by stating the buy-in amount and the admission fee. A cost of "30+3" indicates that the buy-in is $30, and the admission fee is $3. The $30 goes to the award pool which the gamblers compete for, while the $3 entry fee is taken as recompense for hosting the competition.

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